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They Call Me Carpenter  |  DECEMBER 15, 2011

In my new screenplay, I present a fanciful tale of the Second Coming
Christ comes down from a stained-glass window and heads onto the streets of Hollywood. The idea came from a tweet by producer Dana Brunetti. The story
is based on the 1920s novel by Upton Sinclair.

Sinclair was a muckraker and onetime candidate for governor of California. 
The Jungle,
his exposé on the meat-packing industry, led to the creation of the FDA. In 2007, Paul Thomas Anderson adapted Sinclair's Oil! as the Oscar-winning,

Sinclair used an incident outside a Los Angeles theater at the end of World War I as a framing device for Carpenter. There a fight broke out as a crowd of ex-soldiers was protesting the German film, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI.

I used this summer's melee outside the EDC premiere at Grauman's on Hollywood Blvd. When a bunch of ravers attack one of the film's invitees, he takes refuge in a nearby church. There he meets "Carpenter," who appears out of a stained-glass window. The story goes from there.


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