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The Spruce Production Division  |  SEPTEMBER 15, 2008

Work on my latest screenplay started with last year's giant windstorm which broke apart Oregon's largest spruce tree. Not only had the 750-year-old tree survived fires, lightning and other bouts of nature, but also man himself.

During World War I, loggers were enlisted for a new Army division whose job
it was to log the giant spruces in the Pacific Northwest. Spruce was an ideal
wood for building aircraft. "We know foresters passed up that tree when they were scouting for lumber during the War," said Paul Ries of the Oregon
Forestry Department.

Soon after the U.S. entered the war, former Army Captain Brice P. Disque volunteered to return to active duty, hoping for an overseas command. Instead, he was dispatched to Portland where he was promoted to Lt. Colonel and given command of a new unit to be called the Spruce Production Division.

Reminiscent of Caesar, who was credited with the declaration, "I came, I saw,
I conquered," it is said of Disque's experience in the Northwest that, "He came to see, and stayed to saw."


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