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The Playboy Pitcher  |  OCTOBER 15, 2009

As a kid, all I knew of Bo Belinsky was from a comedy record My Son, the
Folk Singer,
by Allan Sherman on which Belinsky's name was immortalized
in the song, "Oh Boy."

That and a baseball card with a cartoon on the back of a ballplayer admiring
a pretty lady in cotton tail and bunny ears: "BO BELINSKY MARRIED A PLAYBOY BUNNY."

That was Jo Collins. But not before Belinsky dated every aspiring actress in Hollywood – Ann Margaret, Connie Stevens, Mamie Van Doren, Tina Louise – he squired them all and many more.

Sportswriter Maury Allen wrote a cheeky biography, Bo: Pitching and Wooing.  Word is there was Hollywood interest in a movie, but nothing came of it.
I decided to write my own


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