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The Spruce Production Division (2008)
He came to see, and stayed to saw.
Plot summary

In World War I, America hopes to avoid the casualties of trench warfare by supplying its allies with a massed fleet of airplanes. The planes are made of spruce, a wood found only in the Pacific Northwest. There the "Wobblies" are demanding an eight hour day. The lumber barons stubbornly cling to ten. U.S. Army Colonel Brice Disque is sent in to assess the situation. He is instructed to undertake anything that "gets spruce out... without it we cannot win."

Memorable quotes

Disque: "To a soldier in time of war, any means necessary are justifiable.
I intend to ship the spruce at the earliest date, regardless of cost or whom it hurts."

Disque: "How is it that in the 20h century American workmen have to live like this?

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Colonel Disque
Carleton Parker
Major Reardan
Lt. Crumpacker