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"OK, send script"  |  DECEMBER 11, 2007

And with that, I'm sending off my BILLY THE HAM ACTOR screenplay to the talent agency in hopes of obtaining representation.

First, it will go to their story department where a reader will synopsize it and offer a critique. This is called coverage. Then, let's say it comes back with glowing praise (almost never happens), will the agent take me on? Probably not, according to Adam Leipzig of National Geographic Films:

xxlllll"An agent may have the responsibility for 50 clients, and a new writer is the xxllllllmost difficult of the breed. And as a new writer, if the agent does make the xxllllllsale, the price of your script will almost certainly be set at the minimum xxllllll'scale fee' as prescribed by the Writer's Guild, for your services. That's a lot xxllllllof work for 10% of very little."

I'm often asked by my friends at work (yes, I still have a day job), "Why do you keep writing screenplays when the odds are so slim?" Hey, just like the lottery, someone wins.


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