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Now comes the hard part  |  NOVEMBER 1, 2006

So I've written my first screenplay and now I'm wondering, "What's next?" First, I'll need an agent. The Writer's Guild maintains a list of member agencies. A query letter is a one-page letter that explains your story and asks if they'll read it. But I'm under no illusions that things will be easy.

DYNAMITE is a spec script (one that's shopped on the open market, not commissioned by a studio), and there are thousands of such scripts written each year by unknowns just like me. As Philippa Burgess of CreativeConvergence puts it:

xxllll"Playing the Hollywood game to get your script out there is like dating, xxllllllhoping to find "the one" – which in this case looks like a big spec sale or xxlllllla green light for production. In this world as a writer, you are always the xxllllllgirl, waiting for them to call, waiting for them to ask you out – or to ask xxllllllfor your hand in marriage."

Here's to hoping that I'm not always a bridesmaid, and never a bride, when it comes to selling DYNAMITE.


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