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Dynamite (2006)
The whole damn world believes in dynamite.
Plot summary

At 1:07 a.m. on October 1, 1910, an explosion rips through the Los Angeles Times building, killing 20 workers. At daybreak, two bombs are discovered at the homes of prominent businessmen. One is diffused. The other is not, leaving the city in a grip of panic. A manhunt ensues. Two members of the ironworkers union are arrested and charged with murder. With attorney Clarence Darrow at the helm, the resulting court battle becomes the first "trial of the century."

Memorable quotes

Lincoln Steffans: "It's the symptom of a condition."

Clarence Darrow: "It's just an incident in the evolution of things. They did not mean to kill anybody."

Crime | Drama | Legal

J.B. and J.J. McNamara
William J. Burns
Clarence Darrow
Lincoln Steffans