A Wasted Day  |  DECEMBER 31, 2015

While promoting THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, Martin Scorsese mused: "Given the nature of free-market capitalism where the rule is to rise to the top at all costs is it possible to have a financial industry hero?"

Let's not be naïve, we shouldn’t expect heroes on Wall Street. There aren’t any.. Good or bad, greed is the essence of capitalism and free markets. As Randy Newman sang, "It’s money that matters in the U.S.A."

As the protag in my latest screenplay, Josh Purl is a big banker on Wall Street.  He's up to his usual tricks ("What they don't know won't hurt 'em"), but then finds his charitable side when an ex-employee is in court being sentenced.

Adapted from the short story by Richard Harding Davis, A WASTED DAY gives us hope that even the villains of our economy might one day be heroes.


A Wasted Day
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